Dedication & Noble Dame, by New York Rock & Roll Ensemble

An interesting collaboration from 1970 between Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis and classical rock group New York Rock & Roll Ensemble yielded an excellent album called Reflections. The title of the album was taken from a movie that the music for the album was supposed to be its soundtrack, a plan that folded after the music was completed. Manos Hadjidakis was a big name in the 60s after his success as a film composer for Never On Sunday, starring Melina Mercouri, for which he received an Academy Award for Best Original Song. For the abandoned on Reflections music score he wrote all the music and collaborated with New York Rock & Roll Ensemble whose members wrote the lyrics and sang and performed the music.At the time of its release in 1970 the album was a stylistic detour for the band, causing them to lose a significant amount of their following. However over time the album proved to be their most enduring. The two selections I picked here showcase Hadjidakis’s ability to write lasting popular songs and the band’s versatility in combining Rock, Classical and Greek music.

On Noble Dame we hear a typical Greek rhythm in 5/8 and a mix of Greek (Bouzouki), Classical (Harpsichord and Oboe) and Rock instrumentation. Dedication is a beautiful rock ballad with a unique accompaniment by Michael Kamen on keyboards and oboe. Kamen later became a successful film composer and wrote the excellent score for the movie Brazil as well as music for the blockbusters Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. He also worked with Bob Ezrin on the orchestral arrangements on Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Noble Dame

She was a lady once of noble name, noble dame

she has a silver ring from her king

Give her a nickel, take her out to dine, give her wine

comfort her if she sighs and then cries


Look for her by the fountain on the road, say hello

dont be afraid to smile and then go

And if you see her talking to herself all alone

leave her alone, her heart is at home


She was a lady once without a care, golden hair

she was the only friend of the king

May be shell come back and ask you for your name, noble dame

well give our love to her on her way



Feels like I΄m getting older

I΄m not afraid,

All though I΄m worlds apart from yesterday

And yet I can΄t believe I΄m old enough today

To be in love, and feel in love

And see if love is the way.


I don΄t need fancy places

To spend the time,

I΄m happy just to be here

With you tonight

And yet I΄m not so sure

The time it΄s really right

To be in love, and feel in love

And see if love is all right.


And you will sing

As long as there΄s a song

The feelings never gone

It was the first time to be in love

Maybe tomorrow I΄ll never sing again

But I΄ll remember when

It was the first time to be in love.


The picture is slowly fading

And now it΄s gone,

The letters we remember are old and torn

And although the time has passed

The memory lingers on

To be in love, and feel in love

And know when love is gone

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