A Fool No More, by Peter Green

LSD took its toll on a number of great musicians in the 60s. The best example is Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett who crashed and burned after a single album, leaving the band without the lead singer, guitar player and song writer. A similar fate awaited the members of Fleetwood Mac, after Peter Green started consuming large amounts of the substance. Green, who wrote some of the band’s most memorable songs (Black Magic Woman, Albatross, Man of the World) declined quickly into obscurity in the 70s. Like the Floyd, Fleetwood Mac was able to recover famously. Unlike Syd Barrett, Peter Green was able to make a short but great comeback with the album In The Skies in 1979. His songwriting and guitar playing skills are still intact on this album, one of the best blues rock recordings of the 70s. Fool No More is my favorite on the album, a simple song lifted by Green’s singing and soulful guitar. 

Snowy White, to whom Green wanted to sell his Gibson Les Paul for 100 pounds after he left Fleetwood Mac, plays electric guitar on the album. White remembers: “I looked at Pete and I thought about it and I decided that even if I paid him for it, it would always be his guitar, not really mine. And I figured he’d want to play it again in the future so I told him not to sell it, that he should put it away because he might want it one day. Or that I would put it in my attic and look after it for him for as long as he wanted me to, but in the end he sold it to Gary Moore.”

Yes, I`ve packed up my clothes

I`m moving away from your door

Lord, I`ve packed up my clothes

Said, I`m moving away from your door

I`ve been your fool for so long

Babe, I won`t play that fool no more

I gave you all my money

I work as hard as I can

I came home early one morning

I found you with another man

Babe, I`ve packed up my clothes

I`m moving away from your door

Said, I`ve been your fool for so long

And Lord, I won`t play that fool no more

So good-bye baby

you don`t even care

Yes, I had a love so strong for you

but you treat me so unfair

Said, I`ve packed up my clothes

I`m moving away from your door

You know, I`ve been your fool for so long

And babe, I won`t play that fool no more

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  1. Indeed – what a great guitarist! Loved his work with John Mayall as well when he replaced Clapton (on the album A Hard Road).

  2. Great tune. It’s a shame that when you Google Fleetwood Mac all the pictures that come up are the Buckingham/Nicks version of the band. I have no problem with that incarnation but this band was great. I’ve been listening to their “Live at Boston Tea Party” album lately. Outstanding.

  3. The post 74 version of FM is nothing to do with the original. Its just pop . Catchy tunes but it aint the blues. lets see how history treats each band . Nothing against the later incarnation but the success of the FM blues band tours say something .

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