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  1. What a nice blog you have. I read a couple of entries and they are great. Hope to read everything. Thank you so much.

  2. Just what I look for in sharing music with friends. You have eclectic tastes and insightful comments. Love the comment about going to record stores as a kid–pleasures of the past!

  3. I am new to your blog and am thrilled to read this account of Joni Mitchell’s, “Coyote!” Thank you for clearing up some questions I had about this work, which I encountered when watching “The Last Waltz.” I loved reading about the bass player she worked with, whose fabulous contribution IS the COYOTE!! Darting here and there, tearing things up, nearing, retreating, drug use, not glamorized, rather becoming “prisoners of the white lines on the freeway.” Sam Shepard’s involvement only adds further dimension to Joni Mitchell’s brilliantly crafted, executed, performed work of art. Such a beautiful work, one you noted in her statement that of all her works, this is one that could not have been written by anyone other than herself. THANK GOD, MS. JONI MITCHELL!! And thank you Music Aficionado for providing such rich information.

  4. Very much enjoy your writing! The depth of your research is impressive! Are you on sabbatical from Rolling Stone? Don’t recall how I found you now, but kudos to you, quality work without the typical journalistic flaw seeking agenda:)

    • Thank you for the kind compliments. Not on sabbatical from Rolling Stone or any other music-related magazine. In fact, I only started writing seriously with this blog. It is a fruit of passion, not a career, therefore devoid of agendas outside the love of music.

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