Palenque, by the Paco de Lucia Sextet

Paco De Lucia released a number of great Flamenco records in the 60s and 70s, but it was not until the 80s when he crossed from the Flamenco circles and became famous worldwide. What sparked this transition was his collaborations with well-known guitar players John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola and Larry Coryell, and performances with Chick Corea. However, as great as the recordings he made with these artists are, none capture the essence of his music as the recordings he made with his Sextet. Joined by his brother Pepe on vocals, the sextet toured the world and in 1984 released the album One Summer Night, recorded live in Europe in 1983. Few live records capture the exciting atmosphere that is shared between performers and their audience so well. You can feel the people in the audience on the edge of their seats just by listening to the music and the ambiance. The performers are all virtuosos on their instruments, and in particular I am always amazed to hear Carles Benavent’s accompanying and flamenco runs on his electric bass.

I included the lyrics to the song, although I do not speak Spanish and do not know what they mean. A translation will be greatly appreciated.

La cautivaron

a una reina mora

de la moreria



campana de alba

en la plazuela

que alegria de verte

aqui a mi vera

con tu pelo nero

como candela


Yo me duermo al arrujo

al arrujo del agua

y recuerdo tu nombre

y se me parte el alma

y espero la briza

la briza del alba

y recuerdo tu nombre

y se me parte el alma


Ay loco loquito

por tu amor

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  1. Splendid entrance ! Paco was a truly international musicman, and his work meant a drastic change to flamenco music, making it something more relevant for younger audiences, and open to cooperations with jazz and rock players.
    I sent to your facebook site an English translation of the lyrics ( plus some minor corrections to your version of the Spanish lyrics.

  2. “They captured a moor queen from the moorish district

    The morning ring sounds in the town square
    What a joy to see you by my side
    With your black hair like oak

    I fall asleep to the sound of water
    and I remember your name
    and it breaks my soul
    and I wait for the morning breeze
    and I remember your name
    and it breaks my soul

    Aw, crazy, crazy for your love”

    Not sure about some of the words in there – “arrujo” for one doesn’t exist

  3. If You tell about the Singing of Brother Pepe, You should also name His big brother for playing the guitar: Ramon de Algeciras.

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